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Tight Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling with Fixed Jobs and Nonavailability

We study two closely related problems in nonpreemptive scheduling of jobs on identical parallel machines. In these two settings there are either fixed jobs or nonavailability intervals during which the machines are not available; in both cases, the objective is to minimize the makespan. Both formulations have different applications, for example, in turnaround scheduling or overlay computing. For both problems we contribute approximation algorithms with an improved ratio of 3/2. For scheduling with fixed jobs, a lower bound of 3/2 on the approximation ratio has been obtained by Scharbrodt et al. [1999]; for scheduling with nonavailability we provide the same lower bound. We use dual approximation, creation of a gap structure, and a PTAS for the multiple subset sum problem, combined with a postprocessing step to assign large jobs.


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