Uncoupled photonic band gaps

We theoretically investigated the symmetry properties of the modes in two-dimensional square lattice photonic crystals in order to study phenomena that would enable new frontiers in the applications of photonic crystals. Using group theory, symmetry analysis of the photonic crystals bands has been done. Particular attention was given to the search for the uncoupled B modes that cannot be excited by the external plane wave because they are symmetry forbidden. The existence of the uncoupled modes enabled to define new physics phenomena: uncoupled photonic band gaps. For the frequency ranges inside the uncoupled photonic band gaps, zero transmission is obtained. Therefore, there are two different types of photonic gaps in the photonic crystals: photonic band gaps and uncoupled photonic band gaps. The appearance of uncoupled photonic band gaps in photonic crystals could at least improve the application of the existing photonic materials and structures or even enable the usage of new ones for devices like waveguides, filters, and lasers. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Published in:
Photonics And Nanostructures-Fundamentals And Applications, 10, 4, 657-666
Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Bv

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