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Stochastic Space–Time Disaggregation of Rainfall into DSD fields

A stochastic method to disaggregate rain rate fields into drop size distribution (DSD) fields is proposed. It is based on a previously presented DSD simulator that has been modified to take into account prescribed block-averaged rain rate values at a coarser scale. The integral quantity used to drive the disaggregation process can be the rain rate, the radar reflectivity, or any variable directly related to the DSD. The proposed method is illustrated and qualitatively evaluated using radar rain rate data provided by MeteoSwiss for two rain events of very contrasted type (stratiform versus convective). The evaluation shows that both types of rainfall are correctly disaggregated, although the general agreement in terms of rain rate distributions, intermittency, and space–time structures is much better for the stratiform case. Possible extensions and generalizations of the technique (e.g., using radar reflectivities at two different frequencies or polarizations to drive the disaggregation process) are discussed at the end of the paper.


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