Mass Flux Measurement of Two Phase Dense Spray Using a Coupled Impulse Probe and PDPA Technique

Mass flux and void fraction measurement in a multiphase dense spray is a challenging task. The Phase Doppler Particle Anemometer (PDPA) cannot provide accurate mass flux measurements in a highly turbulent multiphase spray due to the presence of non-spherical and multiple droplets in the probe volume. A combined measurement of momentum data from the impulse probe and velocity data from the PDPA provides a fairly reasonable estimate of mass flux data in the two phase spray envelope. Experimental results show that mass flux at 60Dn (Dn= nozzle diameter of 3.10 mm) downstream of a horizontal nozzle tip is 0.033 kg/s, 0.034 kg/s and 0.0005 kg/s obtained from the theoretical value, impulse probe method and PDPA technique, respectively. This study will help answer some of the fundamental questions about the mass flux distribution in the two phase dense spray, which will aid in the improvement of the multiphase atomization design process in industrial applications.

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22nd Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, May 16-19, 2010

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