Nonlinear Light Scattering and Spectroscopy of Particles and Droplets in Liquids

Nano -and microparticles have optical, structural, and chemical properties that differ from both their building blocks and the bulk materials themselves. These different physical and chemical properties are induced by the high surface-to-volume ratio. As a logical consequence, to understand the properties of nano- and microparticles, it is of fundamental importance to characterize the particle surfaces and their interactions with the surrounding medium. Recent developments of nonlinear light scattering techniques have resulted in a deeper insight of the underlying light-matter interactions. They have shed new light on the molecular mechanism of surface kinetics in solution, properties of interfacial water in contact with hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles and droplets, molecular orientation distribution of molecules at particle surfaces in solution, interfacial structure of surfactants at droplet interfaces, acid-base chemistry on particles in solution, and vesicle structure and transport properties. Copyright © 2012 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved.

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Annual Review Of Physical Chemistry, Vol 63, 63, 353-378
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