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Holographically recorded gratings on microlenses for a miniaturized spectrometer array

We report on the investigation of refractive microlens arrays with diffractive grating surfaces in the context of a microspectrometer array system. The elements fabricated combine the fairly large dimensions of the refractive microlens (990-μm diam, 60-μm height) with the submicron features of the diffraction grating (1-μm grating period) on one transmitting surface. The fabrication process of these elements was studied, as well as their performance with respect to resolution and stray-light suppression. The maximum resolution was 3 nm, and the stray-light suppression 25 dB. We present a concept for a system of miniaturized spectrometer arrays for chemical analysis.


    Record created on 2013-01-16, modified on 2017-05-10

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