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000183110 245__ $$aNew Approaches for Carbon Nanotubes-Based Biosensors and Their Application to Cell Culture Monitoring
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000183110 520__ $$aAmperometric biosensors are complex systems and they require a combination of technologies for their development. The aim of the present work is to propose a new approach in order to develop nanostructured biosensors for the real-time detection of multiple metabolites in cell culture flasks. The fabrication of five Au working electrodes onto silicon substrate is achieved with CMOS compatible microtechnology. Each working electrode presents an area of 0.25 mm<sup>2</sup>	, so structuration with carbon nanotubes and specific functionalization are carried out by using spotting technology, originally developed for microarrays and DNA printing. The electrodes are characterized by cyclic voltammetry and compared with commercially available screen-printed electrodes. Measurements are carried out under flow conditions, so a simple fluidic system is developed to guarantee a continuous flow next to the electrodes. The working electrodes are functionalized with different enzymes and calibrated for the real-time detection of glucose, lactate, and glutamate. Finally, some tests are performed on surnatant conditioned medium sampled from neuroblastoma cells (NG-108 cell line) to detect glucose and lactate concentration after 72 hours of cultivation. The developed biosensor for real-time and online detection of multiple metabolites shows very promising results towards circuits and systems for cell culture monitoring.
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