Ordonnancement dynamique d'une machine flexible Formulation en processus de Bandits-manchots

We explore the scheduling rules and the hedging levels that can be obtained by using a Restless Bandit Problem formulation of a make-to-stock production. The underlying dynamics are markov chain in continuous lime and the associate reward are piecewise linear. We observe that, the use of priority indices to sub-optimally solve the Restless Bandit problem yields, on a particular example, results close to the optimal.

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Journal Europeen des Systemes Automatises, 36, 1, 117-130
Institut de Production Microtechnique (IPM), Département de Microtechnique EPFL, CH-1015 Lausanne Suisse, Switzerland
Export Date: 6 December 2012
Source: Scopus
Language of Original Document: French
Correspondence Address: Institut de Production Microtechnique (IPM), Département de Microtechnique EPFL, CH-1015 Lausanne Suisse, Switzerland
References: Dusonchet, F., Hongler, M.-O., «Continuous Time Restelss Bandits for Make-to-stock Productions » (2001) Preprint EPFL, , [DUS 00]; «Optimal dynamic scheduling policy for a make-to-stock production system » (1997) Operation Res., 45, pp. 42-54. , [HA 97]; Nino-Mora, J., «Restless Bandit, partial conservation law and index ability » (2001) Adv. Appl. Prob., 33 (1), pp. 76-98. , [NIN 99]; Nino-Mora, J., «On certain greedoid polyhedra, partially indexable scheduling problems, and extended restless Bandit allocation indices » (2000) Mathematical Programming, , [NIN 00] Submitted to; Papadimitriou, C.H., Tsrrsiklis, J.N., «The complexity of optimal queueing network control » (1999) Math. Operation Res., 24, pp. 293-305. , [PAP 94]; Pena, A., Zipkin, P., «Dynamic scheduling rules for a multiproduct make-to-stock queue » (1997) Operation Res., 15, pp. 919-930. , [PEN 97]; Veatch, M.H., Wein, L.M., «Scheduling a make-to-stock queue: Index policies and hedging points » (1996) Operation Res., 44, pp. 634-647. , [VEA 96]; De Vericourt, F., Karaesman, F., Dallery, Y., «Dynamic scheduling in a maketo-stock system: A partial Characterization of optimal policies » (2000) Opeation Res., 48 (5), pp. 811-819. , [VER99]; Whittle, P., (1982) Opimization over Time. Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control, , [WHI 82] J. Wiley, New-York; Whittle, P., «Restless Bandit: Activity in a changing Word » (1988) J. Appl. Prob., 25 A, pp. 287-298. , [WHI 88]
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