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000182901 520__ $$aAn online memory matching game is used to explore the collective performance for stimulus sets varying in color, text and texture. The game is a consistent five wide by four high array of 70 by 70 pixels squares for a total of eleven unique test pairs. Users click squares to find matching pairs and once all of the pairs have been found the time to complete and number of clicks to complete are saved on a server. For the initial draft of this paper eleven images sets were tested. In three cases the test pairs were solid colors and corresponded to a basic color set and two non-basic color sets. In four cases the test pairs were the text corresponding to color terms. The text cases included black 12 pixel Arial for the basic color terms and two test cases for the non-basic color terms used previously. The text cases also included a set with Stroop colored basic color terms or text colored roughly the opposite to the corresponding color term. Finally, four texture image sets taken from the Outex texture database were used for testing. Two of the texture sets were for higher key, mostly white textures sets of wallpaper and flour. Two of the texture sets were for more colorful images of textiles and floors. The analysis is presented for a webbased experimental game based on the completion time and number of clicks to completion. The use of single simple game unifies each of these perception and memory tasks.
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000182901 7112_ $$dNovember 14-16, 2012$$cLos Angeles, California, USA$$aIS&T/SID 20th Color and Imaging Conference (CIC)
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