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Status of JMAD, the Java API for MADX

MadX (Methodical Accelerator Design) is the de-facto standard software for modeling accelerator lattices at CERN. This feature-rich software package is implemented and still maintained in the programming languages C and FORTRAN. Nevertheless the controls environment of modern accelerators at CERN, e.g. of the LHC, is dom- inated by Java applications. A lot of these applications, for example, for lattice measurement and fitting, require a close interaction with the numerical models, which are all defined by the use of the proprietary MadX scripting lan- guage. To close this gap an API to MadX for the Java pro- gramming language (JMad) was developed. JMad was first presented to the public about one year ago. In the mean- time, a number of improvements were done, and additional MadX features (e.g., tracking) were made available for Java applications. Additionally, the graphical user interface was improved and JMad was released as open source software. This paper describes the current status and some new fea- tures of the project, as well as some usage examples.

    Keywords: accelerator design ; MADX


    • EPFL-CONF-182722

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