Conference paper

What is the Space of Spectral Sensitivity Functions for Digital Color Cameras?

Camera spectral sensitivity functions relate scene radiance with captured RGB triplets. They are important for many computer vision tasks that use color information, such as multispectral imaging, color rendering, and color constancy. In this paper, we aim to explore the space of spectral sensitivity functions for digital color cameras. After collecting a database of 28 cameras covering a variety of types, we find this space convex and two-dimensional. Based on this statistical model, we propose two methods to recover camera spectral sensitivities using regular reflective color targets (e.g., color checker) from a single image with and without knowing the illumination. We show the proposed model is more accurate and robust for estimating camera spectral sensitivities than other basis functions. We also show two applications for the recovery of camera spectral sensitivities — simulation of color rendering for cameras and computational color constancy.

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