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Effects of Thermal Losses on the Heating of a Multifunctional LTCC Module for Atomic Clock Packaging

An innovative multifunctional LTCC module has been designed for miniature atomic clock packaging. The components of miniature atomic clocks need to be efficiently packaged and connected to each other, and a precise temperature control is required for them. The great advantage of using LTCC technology for this application is that it allows the integration of different functions, such as heaters and PTC resistor for temperature measurement and control, and optionally other active elements. In this research, a platform for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials has been developed in order to perform precise thermal studies on the packaging. The relationship between achieved temperature and power dissipated for the heating of the LTCC module has been calculated in different experimental configurations, in order to determine the effects of conduction and convection on the heating and estimate the thermal losses that they introduce into the system.

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