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Amidation of Aldehydes and Alcohols through α-Iminonitriles and a Sequential Oxidative Three-Component Strecker Reaction/Thio-Michael Addition/Alumina-Promoted Hydrolysis Process to Access β-Mercaptoamides from Aldehydes, Amines, and Thiols

Mild and general alumina promoted hydrolysis conditions for converting α-iminonitriles into carboxamides have been developed. In combination with the oxidative three-component Strecker reaction, the one-pot direct amidation of aldehydes and alcohols is reported. Subsequently, an Yb(OTf)3-catalyzed Michael addition of thiols to α,β-unsaturated α-iminonitriles is reported for the synthesis of β-mercapto-α-iminonitriles. The successful integration of an oxidative Strecker reaction, thio-Michael addition, and neutral-alumina-promoted hydrolysis of β-mercapto-α-iminonitriles into a three-component one-pot process allowed us to develop the direct conversion of amines, aldehydes, and thiols into β-mercaptoamides. All of these procedures were applicable to aromatic and aliphatic amines and aldehydes


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