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000181940 520__ $$aThis paper is devoted to the design of a predictive controller for constrained linear systems to track periodic references. The only assumption on the dynamics of the reference is that it is periodic and its period is known. It is also assumed that the reference signal is a priori known by the controller. Inspired in the hierarchical control scheme based on the trajectory planification, the ideas of the MPC for tracking [Limon et al., 2008] are extended to this case. The proposed predictive controller has the future sequence of inputs and an artificial reference as decision variables. The cost function is divided into two terms: one penalizes the tracking error with the artificial reference and other penalizes the deviation of the artificial reference to the reference to be tracked. Stability is ensured thanks to the addition of two constraints: a terminal constraint on the predicted trajectory and a constraint that enforces the artificial reference to be periodic. It is proved that the proposed controller is recursively feasible and the controlled system satisfies the hard constraints, is asymptotically stable and converges to the best possible reachable trajectory. The properties of the proposed controller are illustrated in an example.
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