Design of tunable biperiodic graphene metasurfaces

Journal article Design of tunable biperiodic graphene metasurfaces Fallahi, Arya; Perruisseau-Carrier, Julien Published in: Physical Review B (ISSN: 1098-0121), vol. 86, num. 19 College Pk: Amer Physical Soc, 2012 Periodic structures with subwavelength features are instrumental in the versatile and effective control of electromagnetic waves from radio frequencies up to optics. In this paper, we theoretically evaluate the potential applications and performance of electromagnetic metasurfaces made of periodically patterned graphene. Several graphene metasurfaces are presented, thereby demonstrating that such ultrathin surfaces can be used to dynamically control the electromagnetic wave reflection, absorption, or polarization. Indeed, owing to the graphene properties, the structure performance in terms of resonance frequencies and bandwidths changes with the variation of electrostatic bias fields. To demonstrate the applicability of the concept at different frequency ranges, the examples provided range from microwave to infrared, corresponding to graphene features with length scales of a few millimeters down to about a micrometer, respectively. The results are obtained using a full-vector semianalytical numerical technique developed to accurately model the graphene-based multilayer periodic structures under study.

Published in:
Physical Review B Condensed Matter, 86, 19, 195408

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