In recent years many large scale demonstrators and prototypes of superconducting fault current limiters have been successfully developed and tested. Within the European Project ECCOFLOW (www.eccoflow.org), it is the first time that a resistive-type superconducting fault current limiter is developed for two different locations and that a permanent installation is foreseen. The limiter has a rating of 20 kV and 1 kA and will be tested in a busbar and transformer feeder application. The paper summarizes the conceptual design of this innovative limiter and reports in detail about the development of the superconducting limiting elements, their integration into a cryostat and the design of the whole limiter including cooling and grid integration. As a main result it can be summarized that the ECCOFLOW limiter fulfills all requirements according to the two different specifications. Approximately 3 km of 12 mm wide YBCO tape will be used to realize a three phase system.