A Large-Scale Multi-Lingual Color Thesaurus

We present a color thesaurus with over 9000 color names in ten different languages. Instead of using conventional psychophysical experiments, we use a statistical framework that is based on search results from Google Image Search. For each color name we compute a significance distribution in CIELAB space whose maximum indicates the location of the color name in CIELAB. A first analysis discusses the quality of the estimations in the context of human language. Further, we conduct an advanced analysis supporting our choice to use a statistical method. Finally, we demonstrate that a color name mainly depends on the chromatic values and varies more along the lightness axis.

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Proc. IS&T/SID 20th Color and Imaging Conference (CIC), 30-35
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IS&T/SID 20th Color and Imaging Conference (CIC), Los Angeles, California, USA, November 12 - 16, 2012
Received the MERL Best Student Paper Award. For more information, code, and a link to the Thesaurus, see http://ivrg.epfl.ch/research/ColorThesaurus.html

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