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Optimization of a dynamic compression bioreactor to evaluate mechano-transduction in 3D hydrogel-encapsulated cartilage progenitor cells.

Mechanical stimuli have fundamental repercussions on a cell’s phenotype and response in vivo. Studying these effects in a controlled in vitro bioreactor system allows bioengineers to hone in on the regenerative potential of therapeutic cells to better design tissue engineering strategies for repair and regeneration. Biomimetic mechanosensing in cartilage cells requires their 3D encapsulation within a controlled construct and the application of controlled mechanical stimuli. This project will therefore focus on evaluating and optimizing a dynamic compression bioreactor in maintaining cell viability as well as delivering proper mechanical signals to stimulate cartilage regeneration by tracking changes in cytoskeleton and the pericellular matrix.

    Keywords: Mechanobiology


    This semester project is intended for Master or Bachelor level students as the tasks will be assigned accordingly.


    • EPFL-STUDENT-181186

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