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Embedded Real-Time ECG Delineation Methods: a Comparative Evaluation

Wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) have recently evolved to include a fair amount of computational power, so that advanced signal processing algorithms can now be embedded even in this extremely low-power platforms. An increasingly successful field of application of WSNs is tele-healthcare, which enables continous monitoring of subjects, even outside a medical environment. In particular, the design of solutions for automated and remote electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis have attracted considerable research interest in recent years, and different algorithms for delineation of normal and pathological heart rhythms have been proposed. In this paper, some of the most promising techniques for filtering and delinations of ECG signals are explored and comparatively evaluated, describing their implementation on the state-of-the-art IcyHeart WSN. The goal of this paper is to explore the trade-offs implied in the different settings and the impact of design choices for implementing “smart” WSNs dedicated to monitoring ECG bio-signals

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