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Vibration energy harvester on plastic foil based on transferring PZT thick sheets with dry film photoresist

This paper presents a low-complexity and low temperature (85°C) fabrication process for vibration energy harvesters. The process employs lamination steps to transfer thinned PZT thick sheets onto flexible polymeric substrates, using dry film photoresist. The influence of geometrical parameters on the device performance were assessed by FEM simulations (using COMSOL) and supported by experiments. Optimization of the output power was performed by modifying the neutral plane within the device and by using a localized seismic mass at the tip, which has resulted in an output power of 30 μW at 52 Hz and an acceleration of 1g. Finally, a low-complexity and fully polymeric package is proposed, which together with the harvester process are compatible with large area fabrication methods.


    • EPFL-CONF-181077

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