High Speed Pocket Milling Optimisation

The invention relates to a method of toolpath generation and cutting parameters optimization for high speed milling of a convex pocket, wherein said method comprises a first sub-method of generating a toolpath and a second sub-method of generating optimized chatfree cutting parameters using a genetic algorithm wherein the first sub-method generates milling toolpaths that minimize the radial depth of cut variations as well as the curvature change variations while avoiding leftover material at the corners, wherein said toolpaths automatically avoid self-intersecting features encountered during the offsetting of pocket boundary such that the said toolpaths result in reduction in milling time for a given maximum acceptable radial depth of cut and wherein said second sub-method allows the free choice of cutting parameters and optimizes the milling time and wherein the optimization method incorporates relevant milling constraints as milling stability constraint, cutting forces, machine-tool and cutting tool capabilities.

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