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000180490 245__ $$aEfficient Scanning for EM Based Target Localization
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000180490 520__ $$aFor biologists studying the morphology of cells, Electron Microscopy (EM) is the method of choice with its {\it nm} resolution, across increasingly larger volumes. However, the time necessary to acquire such image series is long and often limits the amount samples are imaged. This paper presents a strategy for fast imaging and automated selection of regions of interest that significantly accelerates this process. In particular, this strategy involves scanning a tissue sample once, finding regions of interest in which target structures might be located, scanning these regions once again, and iterating the process until only relevant regions of the block face have been scanned repeatedly. For mitochondria and synapses, this approach is shown to produce near equal localization results to current state-of-the art techniques, and does so in almost a tenth of the time.
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000180490 7112_ $$a15th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention$$cNice, France$$dOctober, 2012
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