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Coupling strategies for the numerical simulation of blood flow in deformable arteries by 3D and 1D models

The fluid structure interaction mechanism in vascular dynamics can be described by either 3D or 1D models, depending on the level of detail of the flow and pressure patterns needed for analysis. A successful strategy that has been proposed in the past years is the so-called geometrical multiscale approach, which consists of coupling both 3D and 1D models so as to use the former only in those regions where details of the fluid flow are needed and describe the remaining part of the vascular network by the simplified 1D model. In this paper we review recently proposed strategies to couple the 3D and 1D models, and within the 3D model, to couple the fluid and structure sub-problems. The 3D/1D coupling strategy relies on the imposition of the continuity of flow rate and total normal stress at the interface. On the other hand, the fluid–structure coupling strategy employs Robin transmission conditions. We present some numerical results and show the effectiveness of the new approaches.


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