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Surface Modification with Alginate-Derived Polymers for Stable, Protein-Repellent, Long-Circulating Gold Nanoparticles

Poly(ethylene) glycol is commonly used to stabilize gold nanoparticles (GNPs). In this study, we evaluated the ability of cysteine-functionalized alginate-derived polymers to both provide colloidal stability to GNPs and avoid recognition and sequestration by the body's defense system. These polymers contain multiple reactive chemical groups (hydroxyl and carboxyl groups) that could allow for ready functionalization with, for example, cell-targeting ligands and therapeutic drugs. We report here that alginate-coupled GNPs demonstrate enhanced stability in comparison with bare citrate-coated GNPs and a similar lack of interaction with proteins in vitro and long in vivo circulation as PEG-coated GNPs.


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