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Barium Ions and Helium Nanodroplets: Solvation and Desolvation

The solvation of Ba+ ions created by the photoionization of barium atoms located on the surface of helium nanodroplets has been investigated. The excitation spectra corresponding to the 6p 2P1/2 <-- 6s 2S1/2 and 6p 2P3/2 <-- 6s 2S1/2 transitions of Ba+ are found to be identical to those recorded in bulk He II [Phys. Lett. A 115, 238 (1986)], indicating that the ions formed at the surface of the helium droplets become fully solvated by the helium. Time-of flight mass spectra suggest that following the excitation of the solvated Ba+ ions, these are being ejected from the helium droplets either as bare Ba+ ions or as small Ba+Hen (n<20) complexes.

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