Technically natural dark energy from Lorentz breaking

We construct a model of dark energy with a technically natural small contribution to cosmic acceleration, i.e. this contribution does not receive corrections from other scales in the theory. The proposed acceleration mechanism appears generically in the low-energy limit of gravity theories with violation of Lorentz invariance that contain a derivatively coupled scalar field Theta. The latter may be the Goldstone field of a broken global symmetry. The model, that we call Theta CDM, is a valid effective field theory up to a high cutoff just a few orders of magnitude below the Planck scale. Furthermore, it can be ultraviolet-completed in the context of Horava gravity. We discuss the observational predictions of the model. Even in the absence of a cosmological constant term, the expansion history of the Universe is essentially indistinguishable from that of Lambda CDM. The difference between the two theories appears at the level of cosmological perturbations. We find that in Theta CDM the matter power spectrum is enhanced at subhorizon scales compared to Lambda CDM. This property can be used to discriminate the model from Lambda CDM with current cosmological data.

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Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics, -

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