Conference paper

B-s(0) Decays at Belle

The large data sample recorded with the Belle detector at the Gamma (5S) energy provides a unique opportunity to study the poorly-known B-s(0) meson. Several analyses, made with a data sample representing an integrated luminosity of 23.6 fb(-1), are presented. We report the study of the large-signal B-s(0) -> D(s)((*)-)h(+) (h(+) = pi(+), rho(+)) decays. In addition, several results on B-s(0) decays related to CP-violation studies are described. Beside the non-flavor specific B-s(0) -> D-s(-/+) K+ decay, the following CP-eigenstate decays are studied: B-s(0) -> J/psi eta((')), B-s(0) -> J/psi f(0) (980), the charmless B-s(0) -> h (h) over bar (h = pi(+), K+, K-S(0)) and the three B-s(0) -> D-s((*))+D-s((*)-) modes from which Delta Gamma(CP)(s)/Gamma(s) is extracted.


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