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Simultaneous self-sustained actuation and parallel readout with MEMS cantilever sensor array

Parallel readout of a microcantilever array using single magnetic actuator and a single photo detector for concurrent detection is reported. The system includes MEMS cantilever array designed for different resonance frequencies, optical elements for laser beam shaping and focusing, one detector and feedback electronics, and single broadband actuator for parallel excitation. The cantilevers are made using a simple one-mask fabrication process with embedded amplitude gratings at the tips. A line shaped laser beam is used to illuminate the cantilevers. A single readout photodiode is placed at the first order diffraction beam location on the Fourier plane. The amplified photodiode signal is fed back into the magnetic actuation using a preamplifier and a broadband current amplifier. In this paper, we report for the first time parallel monitoring of the thermal resonance peaks of inherently frequency-multiplexed MEMS cantilevers. We demonstrated simultaneous self-sustained oscillations of seven cantilevers by using a single actuator and detector in air environment. The method is suitable for low-cost multiplexed portable biosensors.

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