1300-nm, 1550-nm and 1480-nm wavelength, optically-pumped VECSELs based on wafer-fused InAlGaAs/InPAlGaAs/GaAs gain mirrors with intra-cavity diamond heat-spreaders demonstrate very low thermal impedance of 4 K/W. Maximum CW output of devices with5 groups of quantum wells show CW output power of 2.7 W from 180 mu m apertures in both 1300-nm and 1550-nm bands. Devices with 3 groups of quantum wells emitting at 1480 nm and with the same aperture size show CW output of 4.8 W. These devices emit a high quality beam with M-2 beam parameter below 1.6 allowing reaching a coupling efficiency into a single mode fiber as high as 70 %. Maximum value of output power of 6.6 W was reached for 1300nm wavelength devices with 290 mu m aperture size.