Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Gas Processing Unit Testing Platform for Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Micro-scale solid oxide fuel cell is a promising power generation technology for portable devices such as laptop, medical devices and personal electronics. One of the key goals in design of μ-SOFC systems is to use common hydrocarbon fuels such as propane/butane, which requires an additional micro-scale gas-processing unit (GPU) to reform the fuel, avoiding the coking on the μ-SOFC membranes. However, no integrated micro-fabricated testing platform has been reported for evaluating the stability, thermal management and efficiency of GPU devices as far. Therefore we present such a GPU testing platform, which features integrated heating function and temperature control as well as convenient and reliable fluidic and mechanical interconnects.

Published in:
Procedia Engineering, 25, 811-814
Presented at:
Eurosensors XXV, Athens (GR), 4-7.9.2011
Elsevier Science, Reg Sales Off, Customer Support Dept, 655 Ave Of The Americas, New York, Ny 10010 Usa
Plate-forme à deux poutres en verre (Schott AF32) scellées ensemble, permettant de tester des microréacteurs de reformage des gaz pour micro-piles à combustible à oxyde solide (µ-SOFC).

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