Neural metabolism in vivo

Neural Metabolism In Vivo strives to offer a comprehensive and fundamental overview of cerebral metabolism by presenting leading-edge in vivo multimodal technology and its application in assessing neural activity, energy metabolism and neurotransmission in the living brain. The recent advances in our current understanding of the complex and dynamic physiological and neurochemical processes of neural function and metabolism are indebted to a variety of powerful techniques, namely nuclear magnetic resonance, positron emission tomography, radiotracer imaging, optical imaging and micro-dialysis. With the advent of these in vivo techniques, the collective and devoted efforts of neuroscientists and bioengineers made the brain readily assessable to demystify its complexity. Specific topics of this volume include energy metabolism specific to the brain from the in vivo assessment of neural activity via neurovascular coupling and glucose uptake, as well as the accompanying consumption of various cerebral energy substrates to metabolic compartmentation and interaction between neurons and astrocytes. This exciting compilation of 41 chapters across two volumes is the result of the dedicated efforts of 99 renowned experts in neurobiology.


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