The Yule-Nielsen modified spectral Neugebauer model (YNSN) enables predicting reflectance spectra from ink surface coverages of halftones. In order to provide an improved prediction accuracy, this model is enhanced with an ink spreading model accounting for ink spreading in all superposition conditions (IS-YNSN). As any other spectral reflection prediction model, the IS-YNSN model is conceived to predict the reflection spectra of color-constant patches. Instead of color-constant patches, we investigate if tiles located within color images can be accurately predicted and how they can be used to facilitate the calibration of the ink spreading model. In the present contribution, we detail an algorithm to automatically select image tiles as uniform as possible from color images by relying on their CMY or CMYK pixel values. The tile selection algorithm incorporates additional constraints relying on surface coverages of the inks. We demonstrate that an ink spreading model calibrated with as few as 5 to 10 optimally chosen image tiles allows the corresponding YNSN model to provide accurate spectral predictions.