Complete C-13 NMR Chemical Shifts Assignment for Cholesterol Crystals by Combined CP-MAS Spectral Editing and ab Initio GIPAW Calculations with Dispersion Forces

We report here the first fully oh initio determination of C-13 NMR spectra for several crystal structures of cholesterol, observed in various biomaterials. We combine Gauge-Including Projector Augmented Waves (GIPAW) calculations at relaxed structures, fully including dispersion forces, with Magic Angle Spinning Solid State NMR experiments and spectral editing to achieve a detailed interpretation of the complex NMR spectra of cholesterol crystals. By introducing an environment-dependent secondary referencing scheme in our calculations, not only do we reproduce the characteristic spectral features of the different crystalline polymorphs, thus clearly discriminating among them, but also closely represent the spectrum in the region of several highly overlapping peaks. This, in combination with spectral editing, allows us to provide monohydrate (ChM) and low-temperature anhydrous (ChAl) crystal polymorphs. Our results initio calculations and refined experimental techniques can be exploited for an accurate and complex systems of great interest for biomaterial studies. The method is general in nature various complex biomaterials.

Published in:
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A, 116, 3765-3769

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