Cost Effective Real-Time Traffic Signal Control Using the TUC Strategy

Real-time urban traffic control systems frequently require precise traffic measurements and fast communications in order to achieve desired performance levels. Such requirements may hinder the adoption of these beneficial control systems because of the installation and maintenance costs involved. The recently developed TUC strategy has been conceived in a way that simplifies measurement requirements and yet achieves performance levels comparable to other well-established commercial systems. This was a major motivation to select TUC for a traffic control center installation in a mid-sized Brazilian city aiming at improving the traffic conditions despite the lack of wired communication between roadside controllers and the central control room. A description of the implemented system is presented, followed by field data comparing pre and post installation traffic behavior. It is found that TUC leads to a 15-25% improvement in average network speed compared with pre-existing time-of-day plans

Published in:
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, 2, 4, 6-17

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