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Observer-based real-time control for the poloidal beta of the plasma using diamagnetic measurements in tokamak fusion reactors

The constant technological advances and progresses in tokamak research constantly show up new control challenges. In this context, the control of the poloidal beta has arisen as a relevant issue. In this paper a real-time observer based on the real-time analysis of diamagnetic measurements that has been developed for the Tokamak à Configuration Variable (TCV) is presented. The algorithm proposed combine measurements of the diamagnetic loops, flux loops and magnetic probes. Afterwards, some simulations are carried out with the purpose of testing the observer. Finally, once the observer has been developed and validated through simulations, it is implemented on the TCV reactor and applied to the real-time control of poloidal beta of the plasma. The results of the experiments show the feasibility of the observer for real-time tokamak plasma control purposes. © 2011 IEEE.


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