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Plasma Jet-Substrate Interaction in Low Pressure Plasma Spray-CVD Processes

Conventional equipment for plasma spraying can be adapted for operation at low pressure so that PECVD-like processing can be performed. The plasma jet generated by the torch is characterized by a high convective velocity and a high gas temperature. The influence of these properties on a deposition process are investigated in the framework of simple theoretical considerations and illustrated by various experimental results obtained with SiOx deposition. A conclusion of this study is that the deposition process is dominated by diffusion effects on the substrate surface: the deposition profiles and the deposition rates are determined by the precursor density and by the gas temperature on the substrate surface. The high velocity of the jet does not play a direct role in the deposition mechanism. On the other hand it strongly increases the precursor density available for the deposition since it efficiently transports the precursor up to the substrate.


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