Galaxy Scale Lenses In The Rcs2. I. First Catalog Of Candidate Strong Lenses

We present the first galaxy scale lens catalog from the second Red-Sequence Cluster Survey. The catalog contains 60 lensing system candidates comprised of Luminous Red Galaxy (LRG) lenses at 0.2 less than or similar to z less than or similar to 0.5 surrounded by blue arcs or apparent multiple images of background sources. The catalog is a valuable complement to previous galaxy-galaxy lens catalogs as it samples an intermediate lens redshift range and is composed of bright sources and lenses that allow easy follow-up for detailed analysis. Mass and mass-to-light ratio estimates reveal that the lens galaxies are massive ((M) over bar approximate to 5.5 x 10(11) [M-circle dot h(-1)]) and rich in dark matter ((M/L) over bar approximate to 14 [M-circle dot/L-circle dot, B-h]). Even though a slight increasing trend in the mass-to-light ratio is observed from z = 0.2 to z = 0.5, current redshift and light profile measurements do not allow stringent constraints on the mass-to-light ratio evolution of LRGs.

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Astrophysical Journal, 748, -

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