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Short-term scheduling of active distribution systems

The latest distribution management systems tend to incorporate optimization functions for the short-term scheduling of the various energy and control resources available in the network (e.g., embedded generators, reactive power compensators and transformers equipped with on-load tap changers). The short-term scheduling procedure adopted in the paper is composed by two stages: a day-ahead scheduler for the optimization of distributed resources production during the following day, an intra-day scheduler that every 15 minutes adjusts the scheduling in order to take into account the operation requirements and constraints of the distribution network. The intra-day scheduler solves a non-linear multi-objective optimization problem by iteratively applying a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) algorithm. The linearization of the optimization function and the constraints is achieved by the use of sensitivity coefficients obtained from the results of a three-phase power flow calculation. The paper shows the application of the proposed approach to a medium-voltage 120 buses network with 10 dispatchable generators and 2 transformers equipped with on-load tap changers. © 2009 IEEE.

    Keywords: Distributed generation ; MILP ; Operation of distribution networks ; Distributed resources ; Distribution management systems ; Distribution network ; Distribution systems ; Medium voltage ; Mixed-integer linear programming ; Multi-objective optimization problem ; Non-linear ; On-load tap changers ; Optimization function ; Reactive power compensator ; Sensitivity coefficient ; Short-term scheduling ; Three-phase power flow ; Two stage ; Distributed parameter networks ; Distributed power generation ; Electric load management ; Embedded systems ; Integer programming ; Linear programming ; Linearization ; Multiobjective optimization ; Power transformers ; Voltage control ; Distribution functions ; epfl-smartgrids


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