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Three-sublattice order in the SU(3) Heisenberg model on the square and triangular lattice

We present a numerical study of the SU(3) Heisenberg model of three-flavor fermions on the triangular and square lattice by means of the density-matrix renormalization group and infinite projected entangled-pair states. For the triangular lattice we confirm that the ground state has a three-sublattice order with a finite ordered moment which is compatible with the result from linear flavor wave theory (LFWT). The same type of order has recently been predicted also for the square lattice [T. A. Toth et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 265301 (2010)] from LFWT and exact diagonalization. However, for this case the ordered moment cannot be computed based on LFWT due to divergent fluctuations. Our numerical study clearly supports this three-sublattice order, with an ordered moment of m = 0.2-0.4 in the thermodynamic limit.


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