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Nondispersive solutions to the $L^2$-critical half-wave equation

We consider the focusing $L^2$-critical half-wave equation in one space dimension $ i \partial_t u = D u - |u|^2 u,$ where $D$ denotes the first-order fractional derivative. Standard arguments show that there is a critical threshold $M_* > 0$ such that all $H^{1/2}$ solutions with $\| u \|_{L^2} < M_*$ extend globally in time, while solutions with $\| u \|_{L^2} \geq M_*$ may develop singularities in finite time. In this paper, we first prove the existence of a family of traveling waves with subcritical arbitrarily small mass. We then give a second example of nondispersive dynamics and show the existence of finite-time blowup solutions with minimal mass $\| u_0 \|_{L^2} = M_*$. More precisely, we construct a family of minimal mass blowup solutions that are parametrized by the energy $E_0 >0$ and the linear momentum $P_0 \in \R$. In particular, our main result (and its proof) can be seen as a model scenario of minimal mass blowup for $L^2$-critical nonlinear PDE with nonlocal dispersion.

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