A hybrid approach for the control of axonal outgrowth: preliminary simulation results

The possible control of axonal outgrowth during neural regeneration could be very useful not only from a neurobiological point of view, but also in the field of neural interfaces. In this manuscript, simulations are presented which investigate the possibility of guiding axons by using a hybrid approach based on the combined used of a chemical model and of a genetic algorithm. Microspheres embedding chemical cues on the basis of information provided by a genetic algorithm are placed to impose a desired trajectory on the axons. Two kinds of simulations were carried out: (i) tracking of linear trajectories; (ii) tracking of trajectories, which were reconstructed from real axonal extension. The results achieved during the simulations seem to confirm the possible use of this approach to guide axonal outgrowth, being the obtained trajectories congruent to possible actual situations. Moreover, the model can be easily extended to a three-dimensional environment.

Published in:
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 49, 163-170

 Record created 2012-03-26, last modified 2018-12-03

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