Prompt, Activation and Background radiation studies for the HiRadMat facility of CERN/SPS

HiRadMat (High Irradiation to Materials) is a new facility under construction at CERN designed to provide high intensity beams in order to test raw materials and accelerator components with respect to the effect caused by the impact of pulsed, high intensity particle beams. In the present note detailed Monte-Carlo simulations studies using the FLUKA code have been performed for prompt dose equivalent rates in the corresponding tunnel structure as well as surface buildings, residual dose rates (after seven cooling times) for an exemplary irradiation of an LHC collimator, as well as for the remnant background dose in the tunnels after one year of operating the facility. Moreover, calculations of the possible activation of the cooling water in the dump have been performed. The scope of this document includes the operational aspects of the facility but does not cover experiment specific hazards or waste issues as they need to be studied on an individual basis.

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