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On the locality of MHD turbulence scale fluxes

The scale locality of energy fluxes for magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is investigated numerically for stationary states of turbulence. Two types of forces are used to drive turbulence, a kinetic force that acts only on the velocity field and a kinetic-inductive force, which acts on the velocity and magnetic fields alike. The analysis is performed in spectral space, which is decomposed into a series of shells following a power law for the boundaries. The triadic transfers occurring among these shells are computed, and the fluxes and locality functions are obtained by partial summation over the relevant shells. Employing Kraichnan locality functions, values of 1/3 and 2/3 for the scaling exponents of the four MHD energy fluxes are found. These values are smaller than the value of 4/3 found for hydrodynamic turbulence. To better understand these results, an in depth analysis is performed on the total energy flux.

    Keywords: MHD ; turbulence ; DNS ; spectral methods


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