Experimental determination of the permeability of textiles: A benchmark exercise

In this international permeability benchmark exercise, in-plane permeability data for two reinforcement fabrics, obtained using a total of 16 different experimental procedures, were compared. Although, for each procedure, the results appear consistent, different procedures result in a scatter of up to one order of magnitude in principal permeability values for each fabric at any given fibre volume fraction. The ratio of the principal permeability values varies by factors of up to 2. While experimental uncertainties and variability of the specimens affect the scatter in results for any single series of experiments, it is suspected that the main source of scatter in results from different procedures is related to human factors. Aiming at standardisation of measurement methods and interchangeability of results, "good practice" guidelines will be formulated in order to eliminate sources of scatter. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Composites Part A-Applied Science And Manufacturing, 42, 1157-1168

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