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Nondiffusive Suprathermal Ion Transport in Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasmas

We investigate suprathermal ion dynamics in simple magnetized toroidal plasmas in the presence of electrostatic turbulence driven by the ideal interchange instability. Turbulent fields from fluid simulations are used in the nonrelativistic equation of ion motion to compute suprathermal tracer ion trajectories. Suprathermal ion dispersion starts with a brief ballistic phase, during which particles do not interact with the plasma, followed by a turbulence interaction phase. In this one simple system, we observe the entire spectrum of suprathermal ion dynamics, from subdiffusion to superdiffusion, depending on beam energy and turbulence amplitude. We estimate the duration of the ballistic phase and identify basic mechanisms during the interaction phase that determine the dependencies of the character of suprathermal ion dispersion upon the beam energy and turbulence fluctuation amplitude.

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