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New Structural Potential of Wood: the Ibois Research Laboratory at EPF Lausanne

The fragmentation of experience and the disintegration of knowledge into many independent specialisms, each with its own language, (specifically, the separation of design from technical and structural planning) are now given facts that diminish our sens of the whole more and more. The promotion of active co-operation and teamwork, and the cultivation of a harmonious combination of various skills are therefore of the utmost importance. The prerequisite for this is an attentive, inquisitive readiness to cross borders: architects can find the key to a fruitful dialogue if they rediscover the master builder in themselves, the designer of buildings with a keen understanding of structure. Engineers, on the other hand, would revitalize the debate if they combined their "sensibilità statica" with a spatial sensibility. This would allow them to approach the architects' "subjective" design decisions with a self-confident engineering mindset and to question or even refined their ideas. The engineer would become an author, like the architect, which would shift the focus of attention and redefine their relationship.


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