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The electrochemical behavior of Pt/YSZ electrodes in oxygen containing atmosphere at 450 A degrees C has been investigated by double-step chronoamperometry and programmed linear sweep cyclic voltammetry. The response of the O-2(g),Pt/YSZ system in these experiments could be separated into a time dependent and a steady state contribution, the former being dominated by pseudocapacitive processes. It is proposed that Pt-O type species were stored via different processes at three different locations in the O-2(g),Pt/YSZ system: (1) Build-up of a platinum oxide monolayer at the Pt/YSZ binary interface. (2) Formation of Pt-O species at the triple phase boundary and their spreading-out along the Pt/gas interface. (3) Growth of the platinum oxide layer from the binary Pt/YSZ interface toward the bulk of the platinum electrode.