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Affective content analysis of music video clip

Nowadays, the amount of multimedia contents is explosively increasing and it is often a challenging problem to find a con- tent that will be appealing or matches users’ current mood or affective state. In order to achieve this goal, an efficient indexing technique should be developed to annotate multi- media contents such that these annotations can be used in a retrieval process using an appropriate query. One approach to such indexing techniques is to determine the affect ( type and intensity), which can be induced in a user while con- suming multimedia. In this paper, affective content analysis of music video clips is performed to determine the emotion they can induce in people. To this end, a subjective test was developed, where 32 participants watched different mu- sic video clips and assessed their induced emotions. These self assessments were used as ground-truth and the results of classification using audio, visual and audiovisual features ex- tracted from music video clips are presented and compared.


    • EPFL-CONF-173533

    Record created on 2012-01-09, modified on 2017-05-10

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