We consider a generic composite Higgs model based on the coset SO(5)= SO(4) and study its phenomenology beyond the leading low-energy effective lagrangian approximation. Our basic goal is to introduce in a controllable and simple way the lowest-lying, possibly narrow, resonances that may exist is such models. We do so by proposing a criterion that we call partial UV completion. We characterize the simplest cases, corresponding respectively to a scalar in either singlet or tensor representation of SO(4) and to vectors in the adjoint of SO(4). We study the impact of these resonances on the signals associated to high-energy vector boson scattering, pointing out for each resonance the characteristic patterns of depletion and enhancement with respect to the leading-order chiral lagrangian. En route we derive the O(p(4)) general chiral lagrangian and discuss its peculiar accidental and approximate symmetries.