Short Diastereoselective Synthesis of the C1-C13 (AB Spiroacetal) and C17-C28 Fragments (CD Spiroacetal) of Spongistatin 1 and 2 through Double Chain-Elongation Reactions

A unique and practical synthetic sequence for rapid access to polyketides and to further the spiroacetals derived from them, which utilizes a bidirectional Hosomi-Sakurai allylation approach around key allylsilanes in the synthesis of the AB and CD ring systems of spongistatin 1 and 2, is reported. The synthesis of the AB spiroacetal 9 requires 13 steps, with a longest linear sequence of seven steps in an overall yield of 27%. The synthesis of the CD spiroacetal 13 requires 15 steps, with a longest linear sequence of 11 steps in an overall yield of 30%. Both syntheses start from but-3-enol.

Published in:
Chemistry-A European Journal, 16, 14074-14082

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